Nature of Artificial Life 2021-01-28T04:18:02+00:00 Jan Kleindienst Open Journal Systems <div id="i4c-draggable-container" style="position: fixed; z-index: 1499; width: 0px; height: 0px;"> <div class="resolved" style="all: initial;" data-reactroot="">&nbsp;</div> </div> <p>Nature of Artificial Life is an international open-access journal that publishes review articles on artificial intelligent systems, complex phenomena in biological systems, and related fields of artificial life, robotics, mathematical bio-semiotics. This journal is a unifying force, going across the barriers between disciplines, addressing all living systems from molecules to populations and from genetics to mind and artificial systems modeling these phenomena.&nbsp;</p> <div id="i4c-dialogs-container">&nbsp;</div> <div id="i4c-dialogs-container">&nbsp;</div> <div id="i4c-dialogs-container">&nbsp;</div> <div id="i4c-dialogs-container">&nbsp;</div> Modeling of spatial variables using neural networks 2021-01-28T04:18:02+00:00 Nikolay Raychev <p>The paper examines a modeling of spatial variables using neural networks. The example of creating a one-dimensional mathematical model of the spatial variable of the geochemical field field shows the possibility of dividing the variability of the geological indicator into regular and arbitrary components using artificial neural networks. A method for selecting a neural network model suitable for a certain criterion for a simple component in a limited data set is proposed. The statistical analysis of the obtained results is given by building a regression model of the variance of the random component of the spatial variable.</p> <div id="tap-translate">&nbsp;</div> 2020-07-18T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Nature of Artificial Life